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Monday 7/20/15 Fish, flowers, Weasel, Chester, Dad, brother Michael, OWL

July 22, 2015

Monday 7/20/15

I was watering my friends plants in her house
& the fish looked hungry so I gave them a pinch.
(of fish food!)

Weasel always willing to help water the plants

LUCKY 11:11

Time to make a Wish!

Weasel helping me work from home

These two…..
haven’t had a recent photo of them together.

love these dogs!

speaking of DOGS…..friend Karen put this sign on
our front lawn bc she knows I talked about wanting
to try it. Problem was….the Pizza Huts around us were
all sold out!!!

We did find one relatively close by that was NOT
sold out. The pretzel hot dog bites were good,
the pizza not so hot. It was OK to try for once
but we won’t be ordering it again.

sister Pat went down to SC to visit our Dad
& our brother Michael.

This is my Dad. I haven’t seen him in years.
He’s happy living away from “home”.
He’s 87 yrs old, I guess he can do what he wants!

Our brother Michael ( I have 4 brothers)
has liver disease & prognosis is not good.
Pat went to visit him before he dies.
Crazy to say that but it’s the truth!
He does NOT look good.
I haven’t seen him in YEARS!

Cool OWL that lives at my friends house.
I need one of those!


Trouble shared is trouble halved.

~ Dorothy Leigh Sayers

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