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Action Calendar for AUGUST 2020 

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What’s the best thing….

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Wednesday Words of Wisdom

July 2020 kindness calendar
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July Calendar

July 2020 Action for Happiness Calendar

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july_2020 action for happiness.pdf

about frustration…..

recently i read a post about FRUSTRATION that Leo Babauta of Zen Habits wrote about…..

Leo said “I have a belief or story that makes me feel frustrated. This is the real gold for me. The other person’s behavior can be interpreted in many ways. When I’m frustrated, it’s because I’m interpreting it in a way that’s about me. I believe that their behavior is about me. In reality, it’s about them. They are in pain, frustration, fear. They are hurt. If I look at it that way, it isn’t so frustrating, it’s just a person I care about who is hurt, and I can give them compassion.”


this is TRUTH   low light photography of white arrow