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April 2018 Kindness Calendar

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


1/2/18 ** Kindness Calendar 2018 January! **

Enjoy the 2018 Kindness Calendar. Fee Free to Share.
I make copies & deliver to each neighbor (80!).
Friend Shannon is doing the same in neighborhood (75!)


November Kindness Calendar

Enjoy this Month’s KINDNESS CALENDAR

feel free to share ๐Ÿ™‚


Kindness Calendar April 2017

โ€œKindness is not an act, itโ€™s a lifestyle.โ€
~ Anthony Douglas Williams

In case anyone needs a Kindness Calendar – her ya go!!!!

April Kindness Calendar. A month of Kindness. What could be better????

Enjoy !!!


November 2016 stolen purse, doggie playdates, dani rae, Eaglefest, Sports…….

November 2016

Not the greatest start to the month.
I guess it can only get better……While I was visiting a customer someone
smashed my car window & stole my handbag.

The GOOD NEWS was – I got back my handbag
with everything in it, minus the money, of course.

Dani Rae attended a Princess Party.
We attended BACONFEST!

The dogs enjoyed it & Weasel took 3rd place
in a costume contest.

Dani Rae wearing Weasel’s costume.
A lion’s mane.
Getting cheap entertainment with Chester.
Nice eyebrows…..
Party with neighbor Deb.

I forget what we were celebrating!

showing off my new LuLaRoe tights.
fancy pants….
neighbor Deb & I attended Eaglefest in Maryland.
Me & Deb at Eagle Fest
Playdate with Weasel.

She wasn’t a fan of me holding Finnegan.

AFTER the playdate
a new ‘do ๐Ÿ™‚
Playdate with neighbor dog Savannah
Dani Rae being a BRIDE
baby Sawyer’s first Thanksgiving
chilly bike ride in November
Football Game the Saturday after Thanksgiving
Weasel & Blue another playdate

More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.

~unknown authorship

October 2016 birthday dinner, Cycling event, Vizsla meet up, dani rae

I don’t know about you but I sure miss doing my daily Picture of the Day!
Here is a recap from October……..enjoy!

October 2016

Birthday dinner with “old” high school friends.
We’ve know each other for 40+ years!Helen, Lynne. Mary, Susan
we sat at the Chef’s Table at Talula’s Table in
Kennett Square, PA need to make a reservation a year in advance
we let the boys join us. Fun was had by all!

see all the photos from this fabulous event here:

I got a HELLO KITTY ice cream cake for my Birthday.

I forgot I mentioned I wanted one but
sister Pat remembered!

today we were painting the roads for an
upcoming cycling event
the volunteer ride.

We go out and ride the bike route to make sure
the roads are properly marked.

CALVIN (the dog) was guest of honor at
our annual Covered Bridge Ride 05
Weasel getting her picture with my new Vizsla tights.
See the dog face???
sister Pat & I attended a murder mystery.
I was “Russian girl in a hat”.
I was the only one to solve the mystery &
was awarded a candy bar. woot woot!
we had a FUN Vizsla meet up on a gorgeous
October Day
Weasel at the beach.
We ALWAYS visit the beach after a meet up
Dani Rae with her daddy after Ice Skating lessons 12
Your life is significant, and what you bring to the world each day can make a difference in the lives of those around you. It’s up to YOU and ME to make the most of every role we fill in our lives and to make sure our influence is a positive one.
– Jim Paluch

September 2016 Weddings Wine & Biking :)

still playing catch up.
I miss the daily Picture of the Day.
So MUCH has happened!

September 2016

September 2016
our first wedding this month:
neighbor Jenna (with dad Mayor Bob)
All the neighbors, looking GOOD!
the ring being delivered via drone!
Wedding was held at POMME.
A cool venue in the suburbs.
short bike rides for me after my injury in August.
Staff training, I’m full service!
Samantha & Peter
Our second wedding this month!
Billy & Robin (proud dad & mom)
another biking adventure.
Ran into a an old schoolmate form High School.
Probably haven’t seen Maureen in 37 years.
Weasel in her fancy Lion Outfit.
Getting ready for Halloween.
Chester Lion
BIG Wine tasting in NYC
with all my coworkers
fun with some customers


‘The only way to live
is by accepting each minute
as an unrepeatable miracle.’

~Storm Jameson