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This Frog is not a Prince

March 18, 2021

It started with an innocent request.  Dear Santa “all I want for Christmas is a FROG”.  Who knew there would be a “perfect pet” called a Pac-man frog.  Who names them this?  Allegedly it “looks” like the pac-man game many of us grew up playing.  Does it come with ghosts that he has to gobble up?  No – it comes with crickets which is where the “problem” begins……

Conrad eats crickets. Not just any crickets.  They need to be FAT crickets.  Which is where the problem leads to…… Conrad was eating skinny crickets and wasn’t getting enough nutrients.  He started straining when he tried to poop causing him to have a prolapsed rectum.  Who would have guessed the cure would be a sugar bath?  Then Mr. Pac-man frog squeezed even harder next time & squirted out his intestines.  I’ll give you a second to visualize frog intestines outside a frog body while frog is still alive.

Let’s rush this $30 frog to the ER Vet for a bargain $200 surgery to fix the intestinal quandary. (Instead of going to the pet store & buying a handful more).

The intestines outside the body, ER VET said, was caused by Conrad eating skinny crickets.  Now the crickets have to get fed to fatten them up before feeding them to Conrad.   Feed Crickets, Feed Conrad.  Fine dining for the frog!

HTD 3.18.2121

  1. Carolyn Parrish permalink

    Is this your frog?


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