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Everything DOES Happen for a Reason!

July 29, 2008

A few weeks ago on the way home the train broke down AND it was a FRIDAY nite. As you can imagine, it wreaked havoc; people were not happy.  But I WAS. What was the difference (between me & the others)? ATTITUDE. I knew being annoyed was not going to change the predicament  & get the train running so I embraced the situation. I turned it into an adventure. It was FUN. I had a couple neighbors (corey & dave) with me.

Corey with Fireman

Corey with Fireman

Michael came and “rescued us” – took us to the the train station where our cars were parked.  Dave & I spoke briefly in the parking lot before we got into our cars. He gave me the GREATEST COMPLIMENT. He said he always enjoys talking with me because he leaves the conversation invigorated, uplifted. WOW. How nice of him to say 🙂 I was really NEEDING some injection of positivity b/c I was relaying my job search “issue” to Dave & Corey & wasn’t feeling GOOD about it right then.  As you CAN SEE a kind word can do wonders. To make this story longer…. Dave asked if HE could be on my Picture of the Day list…. YES, yes OF COURSE! and to continue making the story longer yet — after Dave saw what PotD was all about he turned me onto an AWESOME web site – which I am now sharing with YOU….. 

Phil Gerbyshak’s Blog — Make It Great!

………..ENJOY…………always positve ~~~~ H ~~~~~

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  1. Thanks for infusing me with your positivity Helen! Keep up the great attitude, and it’ll all work out 🙂

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