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Picture of the Day

December 23, 2008

picture journal

picture journal


What is it why is it who needs it? 

To answer the FIRST question (what is it):
It’s a pictorial of my daily life — “picture diary” I suppose we could call it.

why is it
A few years ago my friend Shannon, who lives in Arizona, inspired me to create Picture of the Day.    It’s really more like “Story of the Day” – should I change the name?  Shannon & I have been friends since 1984 and stay in touch regularly but since we live 2,416 miles apart – we weren’t really a part of each other’s Daily Life.  Shannon wrote Day in the Life (her version of Picture of the Day) for one year so I could see what her & her family were regularly doing. She wanted me to share my every day experiences too – Where do I grocery shop? What does my office look like? How is my powder room decorated? What did I do Saturday night? Am I biking, playing volleyball or skydiving this weekend? What wine am I drinking & where am I dining? How are the canines & bitch cat entertaining me  these days?? What does my train stalker look like?
Just for FUN – as a “BONUS” I often include a Positive Quote and sometimes an interesting website.

who needs it
Other than Shannon I didn’t realize ANYONE “needed” it…..
I discovered that the more people heard about  Picture of the Day & talked about it – the more people wanted  to be “on my list”. People will often tell me how much they LOVE Picture of the Day. It’s funny how people will recognize  someone featured on my Picture of the Day whereas I never knew they were acquainted.   Sometimes  I am told – that was the perfect QUOTE & was just what the doctor ordered.

If you are NOT a Picture of the Day subscriber and WANT to be on my list …
send me an e-mail and I’ll promptly  get you signed up!   

make it GREAT day!

make it GREAT day!

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