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Picture of the Day for real…….

January 12, 2010

join me

Picture of the Day for real.

 What I do now is an e-mail format more like Story of the Day — as my former assistant called it.
PotD is a way to keep in touch with friends
– you can read more about it here
at my blog post on that specific subject.

Do YOU want to receive the “original” Picture of the Day?

if so, e-mail me………

 In an attempt to write more & reach more via a website (e-mail, at this juncture, limits who i contact)   I’m going to select ONE of my Pictures from PotD and expand on it.  I’d like to act like I will do that EVERY DAY but I’m not that committed (yet).   Like I’ve been committed with PotD – I’ve written PotD for close to 4 years now.

Never missed a day.   I impress myself.

Self-discipline is #5 of the 17 Success Principles.  Betchyoure wondering what the others are………

 What this is going to accomplish I guess we’ll discover together.

 I ALWAYS like an adventure…….how about YOU???

Life is about the choices one makes!

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