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Ichi Nichi, Issho: One Day, One Lifetime

November 6, 2010

Ichi Nichi, Issho: One Day, One Lifetime

 “Ichi nichi” means “one day”; “issho” means “one lifetime.” 

This expression tells us how we should live our daily lives.

Each day and every day, your life unfolds and evolves.

Slowly and surely, your life experiences builds up.

Each day is a “miniature” of the whole canvas of life.

 There is also another way to think of “issho.”

Try to imagine that your whole life

would have to be summed up by one day.

You would try to have the best day possible,

and you would try to concentrate hard.

 If you live this way on a daily basis,

if you gave one hundred percent of your effort every day,

then you will begin feel contented.

You will truly feel that each day is valuable

and that nothing is a waste of time.

This exercise can give you valuable insight into your life.

Everyone wants to be happier and to have a better life.

That’s the way we are.

But, we have to make a constant effort in order to live more fully.

Every day, make sure you are giving your best.

This is the only way to improve yourself and to feel that you are growing.

 “Ichi Nichi, Issho” applies to every aspect of your life.

It is a very simple expression, but it is very, very important.

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