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12/13/10 business meeting, broken car, tree, eagles helmet

December 14, 2010


Had a business meeting here today @ NJHMFA.
New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
Me & my friend Bobby.
Bob is a Senior Bond Analyst with NJHMFA.
As you know we’ve recently added a fixed income division
to my company Drexel Hamilton.
Our hope it to do eventually do some business
with Bob & the state of NJ.

Certainly you know of someone who has FIXED INCOME needs?
If so – Let me know, PLEASE!!!
We do a GREAT JOB & we have a GREAT STORY!
We had a little car trouble on our way home.
Despite our adversity Cal doesn’t look too upset!
Every adversity has a benefit!!!
We haven’t figured out this one (benefit) — YET!

MATT our AAA guy …. said he doesn’t smile….
Well we proved him wrong!
Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
it is simply ADORABLE. love it!
danny diehl won this helmet last night.
I don’t know the details yet –
all i know is —
it is a genuine Eagles helmet autographed by Trent Cole.
any bids???
Me modeling the Helmet. it’s a little big.

Is it really a problem,
or is it your perspective that makes it look like a problem?
What if you looked at it differently?  ~ Ralph Marston -----------------------------------------------------------

What three questions
do you wish you knew
the answers to??

Honey, I fixed the Air conditioner in the Car!

always positive,

Helcha 🙂

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  1. Stefanie permalink

    Love your tree!

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