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December 23, 2010


Below is a comic strip I sent to my brother Raymond years ago (in 2005).
When I see a comic or an article I think Raymond will like I save it.
Then I give him a big envelope of goodies that will make him (hopefully)
laugh (at least SMILE :))


Raymond is an artist (metal/sculpture)
and he loved this comic so much he hung it in his studio.
In April of 2008  his studio  burnt down & he lost EVERYTHING.
all his work for the past 20 years, all his current projects,
his machinery/tools, his studio ???
like i said EVERYTHING .. and to make things worse…. h
Saying it was DEVASTATING is an understatement.
BUT the comic survived sort of.. I don’t know HOW it survived.
but the comic was only singed & charred yet still readable.



WHAT I DID was ~~~~~~

I wrote the comic strip illustrator/writer ( Rick Stromoski)
& told him Ray’s story.
Rick sent RAY the ORIGINAL of this strip. (and signed it too).
Ray got the original framed with the charred one below it –
I think it is all pretty cool because
one –  THIS comic survived
two –   When i contacted the creator he graciously offered
to sign & send the ORIGINAL to Ray!
I mean we were total strangers to him  he really DID NOT have to do that


That’s the story –
so EVERY TIME we see a cardinal we say
I guess it’s a GREAT DAY. I saw a cardinal!
THANK YOU Rick Stromoski :)


       GREAT! I saw a Cardinal :)

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  1. Jackie permalink

    What an awesome story! Love it!!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Jackie – Glad you liked the story. It is pretty special…….

  3. Denise C. permalink

    AHHH. Finally I read your Cardinal story. Very cool. Once again, an animal friend saved the day! It’s the little things that matter, ey?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Yes Denise! Little things DO matter. Glad you enjoyed the cardinal story. It’s one of my favorites.

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