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9/28/11 taking the train – the commute I miss! job update!!!!!

September 29, 2011


Today I had the FORTUNE of taking the train into the city.
It was quite nice & a commute I surely miss.
I was going into town to take a Civil Service test to be a state employee
at a Wine & Spirits store. Liquor stores are STATE owned in PA.
Yes, quite archaic & there have been recent movements to
change those laws but for now they are intact.

the good ol’ Warminster Train….
The Warminster Station
~ it’s still DARK at 6:30 in the morning!!!
“First Class” seats – -where i always prefer sitting
Hello my name is HELEN — sitting in first class
The testing center is in China Town.
An early morning photo of the China Town Arch.
this chair caught my attention — the other one had
“the shizz” written on it…..
the only thing better would have been to get the pictures of
Big Daddy & Shizz……….. 
someone knitted a sweater for a bike stand
where you lock up your bikes …. only in China Town!
The line for the Civil service test was LONG.
I am not scheduled to take the exam until 11/18
but one can go on a standby basis which is what I did.

They will MAIL my results which seems so archaic considering you take
the test on a computer & they COULD give you instant results.
The test was fairly easy if one is good in Math.

WEGMANS JOB update…..
I was able to accept the job offer with Wegmans which I am SUPER EXCITED about.
They offer mega training & there is ALWAYS so much to LEARN in the wine industry.
I go tomorrow to finalize everything. This is an exciting opportunity for me.
I hope everyone is as excited as I am !!!!

Nothing is impossible,
the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
– Audrey Hepburn

When you say YES to others,
make sure you are not saying NO to yourself……

What chance are you given every single day?

always positive,

Helen 🙂

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  1. Jackie permalink

    YEAH!! Congrats on the new job! It’s going to be fun learning new things about wine.

  2. Stefanie permalink

    Congrats on the job Helen! I knew you wouldn’t be without one for long!

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