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10-13-11 new job day one, bday present!

October 14, 2011


oh look — I get to wear a NAME TAG at my new job —
woo hoo!!!
one of the guys was really pushing this wine
Marietta Old Vine RED Lot Number 55
 of course i had to try it.
It was a decent wine – “mild tannins” (not real dry)
an every day drinking wine – great to go with pizza.
It was Zinfandel blend made with grapes from a
few different regions. Very approachable,
drinking NOW.
YAY — more birthday presents arrived in the mail.
It’s not too late to send yours!!!
Thank you Joslyn – I LOVE my presents!!!
it was a very nice surprise.
later….. i did some “research” with the wine….
DEFINITLEY preferred the MILK chocolate to the
white chocolate……
eat your vegetables!!!!
it doesn’t matter how slowly you go
as long as you don’t stop…….

(Pole’, Pole’ — slowly slowly —
this is what we were told when we were climbing up Mt Kilimanjaro.
We went slow & successfully made it to the top!!!)


We either make ourselves happy or miserable.
The amount of work is the same.

 -Carlos Castaneda


“A positive quote per day,
helps keep a negative attitude away”

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