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Saturday 10/29/11 Wine University, flat tire, snowstorm, Taormina’s

October 30, 2011

Saturday 10/29/11

Today I attended Wine University.
It was an all day long class.
A lot of information.
our wine aroma wheels & glasses set up for tasting.
We learned a plethora of information.
I’m looking forward to putting it all to use!
I might even teach YOU
– if you want to learn more about wine…..
the girl next to me was wearing these cute
Halloween socks. I think I need a pair.


While I was tucked away warm & safe at Wine School —
there was a treacherous snow storm brewing outside.
We even lost power at school for a couple hours –
but the wine tasting/education continued…..

meanwhile, in Ivyland,
neighbor Esther shoveled our whole block.
I said to sister Pat – I should have been home –
maybe I could have made some money shoveling!
The Ivyland Green – which is WHITE today!
sister Pat said at one point the branches were almost
on the ground from the heavy weight of the snow
Fish pond getting snowed in & slushy
I couldn’t let everyone have FUN in the SNOW.
I got a flat tire on the way home from
school & was stranded on I-95.
Fortunately – AAA was on their way to rescue me!
Thank you Mr. Flat Tire Changer!


I was gone ALL DAY long & my flat tire adventure added on to that time.
When I finally got home, I was content just staying there
but Michael wanted to go over to Taormina’s for dinner.
i just got something simple – an Italian stromboli
(formerly called a pizza wrap)
Michael got what he said was the
“BEST dish in the World” -for tonight anyway.
He likes to order “off their menu” and get their Cajun Calamari
with sauteed broccoli rabe on the side.
(check out the SALT – how cool is it I captured that!)

Putting my Wine University education right to work!

Hansom 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Deep purple ruby in color.
  • Fairly strong bouquet with undertones of blackberry & licorice.
  • Dry, quite tannic with high alcohol (13%)  
  • Full bodied yet not real okay with long finish
  • Would pair well with a stromboli, nice steak, heartier cheeses, chocolate or fine just by itself!
How did I do????
Graceann & Jess as the “Mario Brothers” —
or as I called them – the Mario Sisters!
on our way home….. Heavy Tree Branches & still snowing……

Good night Chester Rose Butt Sniffer!
(i like how you can see the snow outside!)


Acknowledge the lesson is every situation.

Everything is a life lesson. 
Everyone you meet, everything you encounter, etc. 
They’re all part of the learning experience we call ‘life.’ 
Never forget to acknowledge the lesson,
especially when things don’t go your way. 
If you don’t get a job that you wanted or a relationship doesn’t work,
it only means something better is out there waiting. 
And the lesson you just learned is the first step towards it.


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