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Monday January 23rd 2012 "61 degrees", leopard pants, birds, Chinese New Year

January 23, 2012

Monday January 23rd 2012

the temperature in our finished basement
is 61 degrees which Michael thinks is FINE
but I Do NOT.  What guests want to sleep
over in that temperature???

I think we need a heater, don’t you??

neighbor Deb is away on a ski trip & sent me
cute picture of these Leopard Ski Pants.
Yes — I do LOVE THEM — but I am thinking
that they look better in size 6 than a 12!
Picassa bitch cat on Bird watching duty……
Who can spot the ERROR in this “Shelf Talker”?

Today I read an blog post about creating a list
of your own “commandments”

Here is a link to some commandments that people wrote:

It was kind of an interesting topic…’s own “Commandments”.
Mine are posted at the end of this Picture of the Day.

 New Years Eve in Philadelphia Chinatown last night
“Congratulations and be prosperous”
(for Chinese New Year today )

Helen’s 8 Commandments

1. Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude
2. Be Enthusiastic
3. Look for the benefit in adversity
4. Do what you say
5. Apply what you know
6. Learn Something New Everyday
7. Help others
8. Take steps in the right direction

any questions?

remember you can ALWAYS see Picture of the Day here:

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One Comment
  1. Jackie permalink

    OMG!! That sign should read YOU’RE! It bugs me when people use your & you’re incorrectly. It’s basic grammar learned in like the 2nd grade!!

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