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Sunday 1/22/12 Football!

January 23, 2012

Sunday 1/22/12

Day after Winter Wonderland

The snow is still here but will be leaving soon.
Monday’s forecast is rain with temperatures
in the 50’s. Snow much prefers colder temps.

after work I caught up with Michael.
he was at our neighbors MB & Chris watching
the Giants(win) / SF game.

Baby Grace was in charge of the remote
this is what I was NOT drinking
neighbor Jim was our Miller Lite guy.
Not sure why the photo is BLURRY —
possibly b/c of the VORTEX NECK
in the beer bottle???
I prefer beer with taste….
Ballast Point Sculpin  IPA
Sporting Todd’s sunglasses……
I look good, he should give them to me
Chris & Todd wondering who Adam was
watching the game with……
Murphy hanging out with us

squeaking baby deer

this is total ADORABLENESS, trust me.
the squeaking beings around 30 second.


If something is not happening for you
it doesn
‘t mean it’s never going to happen.
It means you’re not ready for it.

Change is coming.

So the question is

should we resist change or embrace it?


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