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Monday 1/30/12 groundhog week, dogs, Doctor

January 31, 2012

Monday 1/30/12

I love Groundhog Day & Punxsutawney Phil!

Chester relaxing (?) on the chaise lounge.
I don’t know how he is comfortable all
twisted like that
Weasel’s couch….. she’s comfy!
Called the DR at 9:43 & got a 10 a.m. appt.
Walked right over – gave blood, now just waiting for results.
I have an underactive thyroid so I have to get
blood work every few months to regulate my meds.
No studying for those tests!
Chester killed a toy today but I can’t complain —
look at the killing in the next photo………
friend Adam’s dog went to town on a dog bed.
now that’s a mess I don’t want to clean up.
Italian Cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino
began his new job as a bus driver yesterday……


Cardinal photo friend Cat sent me from last time
we got snow – I’m sure it was a GREAT DAY!

Everyone gets a second chance


Forget about your life situation
and pay attention to your life.
Your life situation exists in time.
Your life is now.
Your life situation is mind-stuff.
Your life is real.
– Eckhart Tolle

impossible is only true until you prove it otherwise.

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