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Sunday 4/8/12 Easter dinner with the family & "family meal"

April 8, 2012

Sunday 4/8/12

I guess no one wanted to cook so my family decided
we would go out for an early Easter dinner.
Cousin Rose Mary really likes Ponzio’s diner
(which is more restaurant-like than diner-like)
& it is near her house in NJ – so that’s
where we went for Easter Dinner.

sister Pat, cousin Rose Mary & Danny Diehl
Rose Mary’s building –
can you see Nipper up top??
The Victor Luxury Waterfront Lofts story
Ponzio diner desserts to die for
cousin Rose Mary & Danny
Family Meal
~ for the April Foodie Photo-A-Day (#8)
nephew “little Larry” & Danny Diehl
dessert — strawberry cheesecake —
everyone brought home their dessert….
(it was included with the meal)
The shirt I get to wear once a year…..

banished to the Way Back!
creme-filled eggs……

order them next time you are at a diner….

WOW – I never knew chickens came in those colors!

Joyful effort

 When there’s joy in what you do,
 then you’ll be doing it
 at your highest and most effective level.

Choose to live and work with joy.

~Ralph Marston

All the pictures from Easter Dinner can be seen here:

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