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Tuesday 8/21/12 Squirrel, gym, dinner, wine

August 22, 2012

Tuesday 8/21/12 

mini beanie baby squirrel
that is getting a new home

on my run today I wanted to put the  squirrel
in the hollow log but the people (& DOGS!)
were home so I found an alternative home
for the squirrel right outside the park.
I’ll visit Wednesday or Thursday
& see if he still lives there……

on my run I saw a REAL squirrel.
We don’t have squirrels in our neighborhood
so I do enjoy seeing them & this one
posed so nicely for me

I went to work (late!) right from the gym today.
The gym is no frills ( you have to bring your own
“Stuff” – towels, shampoo, etc….) & classes
are quite crowded BUT the locker room is
always CLEAN. that’s a bonus.

after work I whipped up a Polish dinner with
home-made pierogies & kielbasa.
The kielbasa wasn’t from our regular guy
so it was just ok.

you seem to be retaining FOOD —

My dad gained 7 pounds in the last week.
I thought you LOST weight with Cancer???
possibly the scale was wrong?

Had a new drink with dinner – Honest ade –
“just a tad sweet’ & only a 100 calories.
I liked it.

My two favorite summer wines –
got them by special request for neighbor Tanya.
She has good taste……

Kung Fu Riesling is awesome as is
the French Tavel Rose’

review for the riesling


mother & pup….. forever!

My religion is kindness


feel free to Share 🙂

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