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12/10/12 gym, squirrel, dogs, Tree Trimming, STUDYING

December 11, 2012


started the day with the gym
even though I was tempted
to dive right into studying.

friend Joyce sent me this picture of her squirrel
trying to nab some bird food!

Dogs don’t JUST SLEEP – they are multi-tasking

Weasel – not sleeping AND wagging her tail
for this picture – can you see it moving?

Chester wagging his tail also while he pretends sleep

I pretty much think everyone should have a dog
and every dog should have someone.

sister Pat trimming our Christmas tree.
We’ve been going with the Charlie Brown
tree top style the past few years & are
quite content with it.
just shut down the study station.
I got about 9 hours studying accomplished today
with intermittent breaks. My heads hurts.
Now it’s time for a glass of wine.

STUFF all over the place –
Weasel couldn’t even use her couch!

I am striving to answer my essay questions simply.


We make our world significant
by the courage of our questions
and the depth of our answers.
– Carl Edward Sagan (1934-1996)


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