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Wednesday 2/27/13 gym, DRUGS, “my table”, Wine Tasting, Haagen Dazs

February 28, 2013

Wednesday 2/27/13

That’s our instructor KRISTIN – she’s the best instructor
I’ve ever had. Really. She is that good.
Join the gym just to take her classes.
I visited TARGET to get DRUGS for Michael.
He’s soooo sick, for real!
While I was at TARGET I visited “my table”….
Stopped at Jim’s to redeem my card.
I get pretzels for work every week & every 7th bag
I get a FREE one!
Had to get a picture of the FARRIER truck.
It’s not like you see one everyday!Do you know what a FARRIER does?
Did you know Brother Raymond was once a Farrier?
I usually pour wines on Wednesday nights but tonight
my company scheduled no tastings.
BUT – there was a tasting going on at the store.
Just not mine.
Dan is the Wine Specialist for the State Liquor Store.
I’m trying to get a job like that too.
I took the test – let’s see what happens!
Limited Edition Haagen Dazs: Salted Caramel Truffle.
Trust me on this one – Just get some!!!
Who can’t agree with this???
Applied for a job here in Customer Service –
just something to get in the door!
Here’s an eagle cam to watch if you want to
see Baby Eagles (Eaglets?) grow up! Don’t watch at night time
Cat & Dog
Give 100% (unless it’s Blood)
Could Be Better

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