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3/11/13 birdhouses, HOSPITAL, Princeton Library for WordPress

March 13, 2013


Michael hung a few birdhouses in the neighborhood
They add a little color to the common area
One of our neighbors was having a birthday
Apparently they were 29…..AGAIN!
Look what has sprung at our house!!Do you need one of these flowers??
Brother Raymond can make on for you!
look how LUCKY I was today!!
Saw 11:11 on 3/11
Had to go to the Doctor today because I
developed this condition called Trigger’s the same as trigger finger –
but my thumb instead.
learn about it here:
I drove to Newtown to get bagels….
but discovered Bagel Junction was CLOSED,
permanently :(I was HUNGRY so I stopped at nearby OISHI.
Crunchy Tuna RollThe food here is soooooo good.
I don’t know why we don’t eat here more often?
haven’t had a “different signature” recently—so here ya go!helcha loves sushi 🙂
I stopped at Isaac Newtons to get
tickets to the Washington Crossing Brewfest.
They are an Anniversary present (3/13) for Michael.
shhhhh – don’t tell him!BUT — DO get your tickets NOW
before the sell out – this is the BEST FEST
& pretty much the only one we go to anymore. you see my signature on that credit card slip?
heart beer!


I had to go to the hospital to get an
X-ray of my hand. I have an appointment Friday
with an Orthopedic Surgeon to get an assessment.
The hospital has a cool “Serenity Garden”
Tonight I attended a WordPress class held at
the Princeton Public Library. is the blog site I started using
since is closing down.
Our instructor John LeMansey – was very informative. to better my blog
Can you see me???
I was headed up front to take my picture for
Picture of the Day!
The class was at full capacity.
Lots of people want to learn about WordPress!Does anyone want to go to the next class with me??*********************************************

“We cannot change history
but we should try to do good things
for the present and for the future
to promote peace.”~ Kim Phuc

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  1. Love the birdhouses and the flower that has sprung up. I hope you don;t have to have surgery on your thumb!

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