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29 July 2013 Monday ~ Vulture, Deer, Tomatoes, Work,

July 29, 2013

29 July 2013 Monday


friend Jesse sent me this VULTURE photo –
he saw the bird just hanging out in this tree.
Cool, right?

Chester & I saw this DEER today on our morning run.
He was right in the middle of the football field.

first tomatoes from our garden!!

One of my sales calls today was to the Buck Hotel.
Anyone know Brian Jr????
let me know!

ANOTHER visit to Cafe Michelangelo.
Been going there since APRIL
…..BEFORE I officially worked at Winebow.
Eventually I’ll get an order??

stealth photo of Jules.
I don’t need to know if anyone knows him.
I’m friends with his brother.

My glasses need an adjustment.
I thought they were fixed but they’re not.
I need new glasses anyway.

Working LATE tonight…my job NEVER ends…
like a postman…..there is always more to do!

Dream Big!!!!!!!!!

HOW GOOD do you want to be???


Don’t give up.
You may not know success
if you stop trying
one attempt too soon.
Try to get better in some way,
each and every day.
They say that room for improvement,
is always our biggest room.

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