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10/26/13 Furniture Fun, Dani Rae, Luigi’s with friends

October 27, 2013


Sporting my Hello Kitty high tops today 🙂

Today I rearranged the furniture –
BEFORE the table was in the living area

My own Reading Room – BEFORE

AFTER — Reading room is now in Living Room

and the table now has it’s own room

sister Pat with Dani Rae at the playground

❤ the monkey butt

We brought Dani over to the park to see a
Steamboat Launch

Pat & Dani

There she goes!!

John Fitch invented the Steamboat in Warminster, PA
in 1785 (this is where we live)

Michael & Chester

can Dani be any cuter??

Naps for everyone!!!

Partial wine line up for dinner tonight

CHEERS!! We met friends Maureen & Jim and Roman & Denise for dinner at Luigi’s in Jamison.

after dinner we came back to the Lucky Leopard Lounge
where Roman & Denise helped do more furniture
rearranging. I’m not thrilled with the change –
but I’ll try it out for a bit & if I don’t like it
I will move it back.



I not only use all the brains I have,

but all I can borrow.

– Woodrow Wilson

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