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Saturday 11/9/13 Bacon Fest & Weyerbacher

November 9, 2013

Saturday 11/9/13

The long awaited BACON FEST has arrived!

I’ll have a side of bacon with a side of bacon!See ALL of the pictures from BACON FEST

VIEWS on our way to Easton, PA


Bacon Fest with Danny & Rachael


pictured here with Skatin’ Bacon


Bacon on Wheels….mmmm


Bacon on a Stick!


Time for a Cholesterol Check – they mail you the results


the Pig & I


I convert vegetables into Bacon


Bacon Pug



Cool Dog



bacon dog love



where bacon bits come from



after Bacon Fest we stopped at Weyerbacher –
it was close by


Beer Taps in their new facility


Bacon & Beer = a good day!


Rather than living by habit and reaction,
make the choice to live by intention.
Decide that it will be a great day,
a great year, a great experience,
a great life, and then make it so.

~ Ralph Marston

  1. Thanks for posting a photo of my painting–“The Converter”–with the ribbon attached! Something happened to the ribbon and it went missing before I got to BaconFest, so this is the first I’m seeing of it! Thanks.

    • helcha8 permalink

      My pleasure Lauren!!! Your picture was awesome.

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