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Saturday 1.11.14 Merlin, Not hike, Sciascia Candy, COOKING, friends

January 12, 2014

Saturday 1.11.14

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the MERLIN BIRD….a frequent visitor to our bird feeders.
He was hanging out on our bell tower looking for breakfast..

A temporary Red Light near where we bike ( & hike).
Who knows how long it will be there for …..
years most likely…..

Me & Don ….NOT hiking…..
It was pretty rainy & our scheduled hike got cancelled 😦

We stopped at Stockton Farmers market.
do you see Mike?

I can’t go to the market & not stop at Sciascia Confections

this is TOM Sciascia & his candies/confections
really are the best…….

visit in person or order on line

or call &tell TOM you know me & want the HELEN discount

mmmmmmmmm loving the macarons
get some today!

and it was ridiculously delicious

do you need the recipe ?? let me know.

COOKING. all day. yeah. it was great.

meanwhile. Michael bought a new car.
It’s a PRIUS. yes, quite ugly.
but allegedly it gets good gas mileage.

FEEEEEEESh– yup, I am cooking dinner tonight.

for the record — I LOVE to cook.
i generally just never have enough time to COOK…..

making Mahi mahi


this was really tasty.
I made a baby spinach/kale salad with a lemon salad dressing that i concocted

this was an interesting “game”

playing games with friends…….

Roman, Deb & Brian….

THIS was the best line up tonight……

if you are a beer drinker you are jealous right now……..

WHY you buy from an artist

a cool VISZLA picture i needed to include….


Your biggest problems are often in your head.

The primary cause of unhappiness and defeat is never the current situation but your thoughts about it. Happiness and success really comes down to two elements: the way you think and the way you act based upon your thoughts.

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