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3/19/14 Abington Hospital for Michael’s surgery

March 20, 2014


Carolina Wren singing in a tree outside my window this morning!

View from the Hospital parking lot.
You could see for MILES!

We’re (sister Pat & Michael mom) here for Michael’s surgery.
He’s been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
so he’s getting “it” removed!

The surgery lounge was VERY BUSY.
But it was a nice place to wait. Pleasant.

the gowns are called BAIR PAWS

Surgical Marker – X marks the spot!

Daphne the therapy dog

When I used my credit card at the gift shop the lady asked for ID. I showed her Weasel’s driver’s license & she said OK!
It’s not the first time that has happened.

9pm Still waiting for Michael to get out of recovery.
It was a long surgery (4 hours) & a long recovery (3 hours)

Betty, Michael’s mom, reading edible Jersey.
We are still awake at 9pm after waiting ALL DAY.

I was quite productive. I need a day like this once a week!

friend Joy is a contributor to the magazine
and also Editor for Edible Philly.
I love having “famous friends” !

FINALLY – 10pm – they brought Michael to his room.

got home at 11pm. SO tired, couldn’t sleep.
Had a WOLF & a DRAGON.
Watched TV. relaxed.

sometimes things will never go back
to how they used to be


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.”

– Gandhi

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  1. I hope the surgery went well and Michael has a speedy recovery!

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