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4/2/14 Lost Cat, Chester, Hattery, To-Yo, Casablanca,

April 3, 2014


April Fool’s was yesterday!

Did you FOOL anyone???

Are you or anyone you know missing a cat??


Chester has become a real couch dog recently

The Hattery in Doylestown is looking for HELP.

Are you or someone you know looking for a job??

showing a coconut rum to Matt @ To-Yo

Do you like Japanese food? Sushi??

eat hear.

Next stop is Casablanca!!!

Brothers Adam & Sam – owners of Casablanca.

Friend John introduced me to this account.
Hoping it’s a good one!!!
I think it can be 🙂

Gorgeous day for a bike ride!!
Friend Deb got out on 2 wheels today.
Soon she’ll be riding with us!


Do your best to help one person every day
in some small way.

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