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Tuesday 4/15/14 Cherry Trees, gym, New Car, Broad Axe Tavern, Lucky

April 16, 2014

Tuesday 4/15/14

Most of our trees look like THIS

EXCEPT for this ONE: it’s in Full Bloom.
I don’t know when this happened.
Seems like overnight.

The gym floor was WET so we had to call in
the mopper uppers so we could work out

I like the BURPEE idea, really!

Do you know what one is???

Congratulations friend Ryno on his NEW CAR!!

Good luck with the new wheels 🙂

Thompson Lexus /Toyota is doing good business these days.

first sister Pat, then Ryno, who is next?
(not me yet)

Tasting at the Broad Axe Tavern.
I REALLY like their Beer menu.
AND they do flights…..

He bought two out of three – that’s good, right??

AND the Pinot Grigio is still in the running down the line.

visited LUCKY today ….
(and friend Mary )

William Penn Inn with the cool lights,
my account soon to be….??!! hoping!

I was trying to get a picture of this reckless driver.
A white Subaru WRX, be on the look out.
He was dangerous!

Look on the Bright Side of Things!!

Communication is really all anyone ever gets paid for ultimately and if you cannot effectively communicate you will PAY not get paid.

– Doug Firebaugh

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