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Wednesday 5/14/14 Work with Chateau Julien, BIRDS!

May 16, 2014

Wednesday 5/14/14

Saw this church sign on my way to the gym

poor Kristin my instructor –
during class yesterday someone broke her car window
and stole her handbag.

LA FITNESS needs to beef up their security!

Worked with Brant from Chateau Julien

We were at PUCK – they bought 4 cases!!!!

Ran into Michael & Trevor from Homestead Roastery

Need Coffee??

Tasting at Slate Bleu

Tasting at Casablanca

visiting brother Raymond

Ray showing us his monkey collection

MONKEYS and a cat….

we tried tasting at Mothers but the owner
forgot about our appointment 😦

The Mansion Inn

Still working on getting this account!!!

tasting with Matt of To-Yo Doylestown

we have a Tree Swallow egg!!!

and a Blue Bird egg!!!!

Let’s hope the House Sparrows don’t kill them!!


The more you say,
the less people remember.

~ François Fénelon

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