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Tuesday 5/20/14 gym, KC Prime, Raymond, Pourhouse with R & D, Rocky

May 21, 2014

Tuesday 5/20/14

Our regular instructor was not here today.
We really like Kristin
but it was nice to have a change.
but for the record: DEFINITELY prefer Kristin!

Kristin had her car broken into & purse stolen
when she was teaching last week.
We collected money for her to ease the pain!

when I left the gym there was Police Activity.
Wonder what THAT was all about??
To catch a thief???

We were doing a marketing campaign
with Catena wines this week.
Today I was at KC Prime,
he didn’t buy 😦 yet…..

on the way to my next appointment
I stopped to visit Brother Raymond

Clock for sale!! Who needs the time??

Brother Larry & his son Bryan just happen to stop
for a visit too.
Raymond is quite popular!

Making my famous tequila concoction.
Tequila infused with Strawberries & Jalapeños

ALERT – Hop Fest at Pour House on June 4th!

I have a cooking class that night but will be there after!

Tonight’s line up….
Dirt Wolf
Green Flash
River Horse Coffee Stout

Dinner with Roman & Denise tonight.
They just got back from vacation & it was
$5 Cheesesteak night.
Great way to continue one’s vacation!

Rocky guarding his toy we gave him.
Love this dog.
So glad he found a furever home.
Lucky Dog!


“Do you wait for things to happen,
or do you make them happen yourself?
I believe in writing your own story.”

― Charlotte Eriksson

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