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Wednesday 5/21/14 gym, Sette Luna, Rocky, Tobacco…Sands Casino

May 21, 2014

Wednesday 5/21/14

We gave Kristin her THINKING of YOU card
plus a $150 gift card to Marshall’s.
At least now she can replace her stolen
handbag plus some…..

Great views on my drive up to Easton, PA
for my first appointment

Sette Luna — the food is GREAT & their
wine list is predominantly mine. woo hoo!

Eat & drink here!

ROCKY … a dog’s life!

There is a Drive-up Cigarette store in Easton

And a LINE to buy the cigarettes.

back on the Catena Campaign!

Appointments in Bethlehem

no sales here. Yet.

this is a first for me.
Where am I???

A cigar store in downtown Bethlehem!!

If you smoke Cigars, this is your Mecca!

Stopped at THE JOINT to have a coffee
in between appointments

The guys figuring out my coffee concoction

Honey cappuccino with Almond Milk.

so I start a conversation with one of the barristas
and he says OH, you sell wine?
you should talk to TOM (coffee shop owner)
his wife is opening a new restaurant in Easton…
they need wine……
and now I have a lead on a new account…..

My last stop today was at Sands Casino
in Bethlehem. I always have to take
Stealth Photos bc I don’t think photos
in Casinos are allowed.
btw. Sold 2 cases of wine here.
yay me !!

there is so much about your fate
that you can’t control,
it makes no sense to neglect
all the things you CAN control.

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