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Thursday June 5th 2014 gym, easton, CJ’s doghouse for homebrew beer contest

June 8, 2014

Thursday June 5th 2014

neighbor Deb joined me at the gym today!
We have a race coming up – we need

check out my SIL’s throwback Thursday.
nice haircut from her Mom.
and aren’t those glasses back in style?

Today’s appointments were in Easton, PA

a couple whites & a red….

if you visit Sette Luna they have a BUNCH of my wines

as does Valenca

the CASINO in Bethlehem is also my account

The PEEPS store is in the Outlet Mall next to the Casino

Chester finally got his drivers license.
It’s about time !

thanks to friend Susan who send me
these napkins. Love getting
surprises in the mail!!

tonight friend Jim entered this
Homebrew contest at CJ’s Doghouse.
A bottle shop that sells BEER.

OSCAR one of the dogs of CJ’s Doghouse.
he was a sweet ol’ guy!

Me with two winners.
friend Jim took 2nd place & this guy won FIRST.

Congratulations guys!

do you get it????

messages to future self

wrote yourself here:

Do more than merely wishing for success.

Imagine it in every detail

~ Ralph Marston

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