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Wednesday 7/2/14 gym, vanity plates, Lexus, baby birds, Broad Axe, Chester

July 4, 2014

Wednesday 7/2/14

neighbor Marybeth joined me at the gym today.
We have a 5k obstacle course race coming up in
two weeks. getting ready…..

we’ve been having a HEAT WAVE here.
104° – so hot!

Shannon – how do you stand it that hot
all the time in Arizona??

Bikes left outside overnight….and they are still there
the next morning. We live in a SAFE neighborhood.
A lot to be said for that….

Marguerite you should move here.

I was delivery girl today!
If people place late orders I have to pick up
their wine/spirits at our office & deliver it
to their liquor store, then they have to go
pick it up.

Vanity plate I saw today.
a FENCE guy, what do you think??

Fence you in?

LOL another one I saw today …

I’m too Sexy!

Visiting our new car.
We’ll be getting it on Saturday.
Such a great deal.

2007 with 30k miles, like a NEW car!
timing is everything….

my baby tree swallows are getting big!
There are only three babies so the mom
doesn’t have to work as hard.

had dinner at my customer’s restaurant:
The Broad Axe Tavern

crazy good burger that’s in a contest.
This was dinner lunch & lunch for me.
who can eat the whole thing??

tonight we had a massive storm.
Chester was in a panic.
Weasel was oblivious….

Picture after/during the storm.
a friend stopped to take a picture of the rainbow
(double rainbow) & lightning struck while taking
the picture – cool, right??


There are two ways to get enough;
one is to continue to accumulate more and more.
The other is to desire less.

– Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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