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7/16/14 Tribal Challenge Obstacle Course Race

July 19, 2014

to see ALL 121 pictures from today’s even check out this link:


5k and 21 Obstacles = Tribal Challenge

Bring it On!

Teammates Deb, Suzy & Suzanne

tire pull /push

Piggy Back Rides

Mud Pit

Push the Keg UP a HILL
& Carry (or drag) it down…..

Deb’s FAVORITE event —

feed your partner a hotdog

another mud pit….

mud bath

AFTER the race with our Awesome photographer Lauren

on to our last obstacle…
walking barefoot to the car

All cleaned up…..
at the Iron Abbey

Deb & Suzy upstairs in the loft

You are what you do,
not what you say you’ll do.


You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.

~ Babe Ruth

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