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7/23/14 gym, KC Prime, Slate Blue, Casablanca, Iron Abbey

July 25, 2014


Dalmatian calendar picture for friend Michael
who likes Dalmatians!

We had a guy join us for boot camp today.
He quit part way through the class.
it’s a challenging work out.

tasting at KC PRIME.

WHEN you go there, ask for Antoni (he’s the owner)
tell him I sent you & ask which wines are mine….

this vanity plate took me a bit but I GOT IT!!

can you???

I will tell you HOW I got it if you want to know.
I actually had some “background information”

Downtown Doylestown

Winner Winner chicken dinner.
Perfect parking spot & lots of time on the meter!

shopping for candy.

I always get the molasses sponges here
for myself & friend Mary.

We ❤ them!

wine tasting at Slate Bleu

HOT day today….. 107°
Shannon, how do you stay cool in the dessert?

Wine tasting at Casablanca.
Yesss, they carry my wine here too!

me, Denise & Roman

Celebrating neighbor Denise’s birthday
at the Iron Abbey

Great deal at Iron Abbey this week!


Somewhere in my journey I learned an important lesson: whatever your location, you can choose to be at peace or you can choose to be anxious.


~ Chris Guillebeau


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