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7/30/14 gym, MELT, Valenca, Bella’s, Hawaii friends….

July 31, 2014


we had a sub at the gym today.
We miss KRISTIN!!!

heads up….Thursday is KISS YOUR DOG DAY!

Pucker up!!!


Had an appointment here today.
opened the account & made a Sale!

MELT is such a COOL place.

and you can drink my wine while you are there….
Pinot Gris, Arneis or Sancerre

All delicious!

Next appointment was at SANDS CASINO

They are a great customer of mine!

Tasting at Valenca today.

They have LOTS of my wines 🙂

Mary, Marguerite & Paul

on my way home from Work…..
Met up with friends from Hawaii (home for a visit)
Bella’s in Hellertown

Horse for the waitress

We left her a poem too

There once was a server named PAIGE
whose wisdom exceeded her age.

It’s an ARM of course
your reward is a horse.

(there is a story behind the ARM comment!)

Your service is all the RAGE 🙂

love, Front table by the window

…..all I have to say is:
We crack ourselves up!

Me, Marguerite & daughter Mary


A kind word is like a spring day.

– Russian saying

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