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Saturday 8/9/14 yard sale, VOLLEYBALL in Horsham, chester

August 10, 2014


to see ALL the pictures from today’s tournament click this link:

sister Pat participated in the neighborhood yard sale today

got rid of lots of stuff! yay!

Volleyball Tournament today in Horsham.

I like playing in grass tournaments because they are
minutes from my house. We always have FUN!

Today I was playing with Melinda aka Mel

friend Jen, look at that vertical!



The funny part is, the ball you see is from the other court!

me hitting

partner Mel diving

2nd place!

15 teams today, we did well 🙂

used the Hot Tub at neighbors house tonight.
Thanks Roman & Denise 🙂

This will DEFINITELY help the muscles
after a long day of volleyball.

next to Pad Thai, in the parenthesis,
is that a number 6 or a letter C ??

they are you’re only 2 choices

Super Moon over Ivyland

Chester after a hard day of being a DOG!


“I have very high expectations of myself.

I’m a very competitive person but competitive with myself.

I want to be the best that I can be

and if that means that

I’m eventually better than everyone else

then so be it.”

~ Wentworth Miller

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