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Tuesday 8/12/14 gym, JACK the dog, Country Club, nabrasa, Marguerite

August 13, 2014

Tuesday 8/12/14

instructor Kristin talking to a new person.

We are doing a race together on Saturday.

The decks are on the buildings in the city.
Looking forward to the finished product.

Remember JACK the dog??

He has a NEW FUREVER home……
yay for Picture of the Day šŸ™‚

Lobby of Blue Bell Country Club.
Waiting for my appointment.

my customer perusing my wine price list.
He bought THREE new wines!!

When you eat at RADICE, ask which wines are
from WINEBOW & drink those!!!

appointment at Iron Abbey…..
They are opening a new restaurant,
I’m all over it…..

They are buying my tequila.

Homestead Roastery are friends of mine.
THE LOFT at Iron Abbey sells their coffee.

anyone ever eat these??
just curious how they are.

writing up tasting notes for Wednesday Appointments
A Portuguese wine
2 Greek
1 Serbian

friend Marguerite stopped over for a visit with
her daughters Peggy (left) & mary (right)

the silly selfie


“What does your attitude

proclaim to the world about you today?

It is never to late to change your story,

start by changing your thoughts

and pay attention to your attitude.”

Bob Proctor

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