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Monday 8/18/14 birds, new do’, LUCKY

August 19, 2014

Monday 8/18/14

Goldfinch we saw on our morning dog walk.
He was just singing along….

LOTS of work to do from home….

ACME. my next quest.
Who has a contact at ACME?
They are opening a Pub in Doylestown,
they need my wine!

DURING the new ‘do.
forgot to get before.

AFTER. new color & a shaping.

the back looks cool too

problem with Weasel’s Dasuquin.
They are supposed to be “new & improved”.
Apparently NOT.
They are sending me new ones.

Good customer service.

friend Joyce saw what she thought was
a hawk with a squirrel in it’s talons.
It’s tough to see but I think it’s an Eagle!

Maybe not, there’s quite a bit of white on the chest.


a blast from the past, friend Mary’s dog
LUCKY on top a big snow pile, remember winter?

You’re alive for a reason.


Anything that increases your

perception of control over a situation ~

whether it actually increases your control or not

~ can decrease your stress level.

~Eric Barker

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