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9/25/14 gym, pig parker, Bolete, Sette Luna, Fish Market, Hunting…

September 25, 2014


We used the Pilates Ring in class today.
It’s a great inner thigh workout but sometimes
it bothers my hips. They’re tight.
Anyone have exercises for tight hips?

Maybe I could take Weasel’s joint meds??
They seem to help her creaky hips/bones.

Saw this PIG PARKER at Staples today.

First appointment today was at Bolete.
A cool farm to table restaurant in Bethlehem.

Tasted a few french & italian wines

Sette Luna tasting.

Most of the wines on their list are mine!
yay 🙂

last tasting today was at the FISH MARKET in Easton.
I haven’t eaten here yet but all the food looks awesome.

She carries my amazing Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley.

did a little “hunting” today.

The River Grille….trying to get in here!

Black & Blue was more of a beer bar.
I don’t need to hunt here anymore….



Plan, but don’t worry. Act, but don’t regret.

ralph3_normal.jpg Ralph Marston (@ralphmarston)

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