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9/27/14 to the Seashore! Sea Isle City with friends Robin & Billy

September 28, 2014


got my Leopard Sperry’s ready for the Seashore!

Michael & I headed to Sea Isle City, NJ
to spend the weekend at the Seashore
with friends Billy & Robin

Before we left for our weekend adventure
we took the doggies for a walk

I love the shadow photos!

another shadow photo!

Bikes on our roof rack going to the seashore!

The guy in the red bike jersey buzzed past us
without any warning, which is quite rude!

We caught up to him & drafted off himfor a few miles.
He wasn’t too happy about it but oh well!!

By drafting, I mean the practice of riding in the slipstream close behind someone’s rear wheel, thus greatly reducing the effort you need to expend keeping at their speed.
Basically, he was pulling us along!

We biked down to our friend Debbie’s house.

Later we went to the Food Truck Fest

Michael & Billy deciding what to get for lunch

this guy had chips on a stick & a bacon parfait


Elephant Ride for me!!!!

Me & Robin, photo opp!

Later we went to a local Octoberfest.

The Insiders were playing, it was FUN!

dinner with friends Billy & Robin.

note to self: bring Wine GLASSES next time!

What Does It Feel Like to Be Happy?
It’s something like tasting watermelon,

only better.
There aren’t any pits to worry about.

~ Carlos, age 9, “Children on Happiness”


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