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10/2/14 Ivyland, gym, Oreos! Beer School

October 3, 2014


kids running for the morning bus!

gym time, on my day off.
I can stay for the entire class from beginning to end.

who knew OREOs came in so many flavors??
Carmel Apple & Pumpkin??
they had Watermelon too!

It’s Pumpkin Spice time, get yours now (at Target)

BLU WOLF vanity plate

do you see unusual plates?
send me yours & I will feature them here.

Sunset on Ivyland.
Kids playing soccer on the green.

A lonely flower in our backyard.

Me & neighbor Denise, during Thursday “beer school”
enjoying a sparkling cider from France

Someone call the police!
We were drinking expired beer!
Enjoy by 7.04.14

A little bit of a mix for beer school tonight.
Beer, Cider, Water, Sparkling Water

What you do the majority of the time
matters way more
than what you only do once in a while.

~Nicole Antoinette

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