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10/11/14 My birthday DAY. 29, again! boot camp, out to dinner at CHARCOAL

October 13, 2014


Started my BIRTHDAY day doing Boot Camp with Kristin

Michael gave me a new Bike Helmet.
I needed one!

sister PAT gave me $53 and a cool card

neighbors, tried a new place for a manicure.
Just $8 & the mani is lasting long, not chipping.

It is on Street Rd, near Mearns, next to 7-11

Neighbor Deb gave me this awesome bag of cream caramels.

View of the river at the restaurant where we
were celebrating my birthday dinner.

Charcoal byob was really good!

Balloon time!! brothers Larry & Raymond

My Turn with the Balloons

delicious doughnut dessert that the whole table shared.

Brothers, Sisters and in-laws

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

If you want to turn your life around,

try thankfulness.

It will change your life mightily.

~Gerald Good

  1. Love your balloon hat!

  2. helcha8 permalink

    Thanks Stefanie!!! It was a FUN night 🙂

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