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Monday October 20th 2014 home work, Ciders!! Weasel, dogs, baconfest

October 20, 2014

Monday October 20th 2014

going into my 12th hour at my desk….
finishing up work, finally!!!

BUSY day tomorrow, need to prepare!!

Plus I put together a wine proposal for
HARVEST wine bar. They needed “GREEN” wines.

CIDERS on tomorrows line up!
The new trend in bars/restaurants.

Chinese Herbs that Weasel takes: Yunnan Baiyao
It helps control bleeding. It must be working.
She’ll be 14 yrs old next month.

DOGS make life better

friend Stephanie’s dog & vineyard Cat hanging out

a dog playing “DEAD”

let me know if you don’t get it…..

Reminder about the BACONFEST in Easton!
Who wants to go??

Save the date Saturday November 8th

try a day thinking in my head….

Achievement belongs to those who act.
Now is when you do it.

~Ralph Marston

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