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10/31/14 Wine appts, Dani Rae, HALLOWEEN, Cider Tasting

November 1, 2014


getting creeeeepy……

Quiet Ivyland morning…..

Wine tasting at Shula’s Steakhouse.
He bought the Pinot Noir

I like this Don Shula qoute:

“Success is not Forever,
and Failure isn’t fatal.”

warm/cold call at the Savory Grille in Macungie.
Asked if I could get a Kitchen Photo for my blog.
Of course said Shawn Doyle the owner!

stopped to visit Dani Rae since I was up that way.

Dani in her Halloween Costume Mini Mouse

on my way home I saw a hot air balloon.
It must have been gorgeous views for the passengers.

home in time to see some trick-or-treaters

Neighbor Dawn with her grandchildren.

GEORGIA as a pumpkin

neighbors Denise & Roman were hosting a

I brought my friends over to their house.
It was perfect.

high school friend Susan, neighbor Denise,
me, neighbor Deb & FB friend Deborah

the guys

Dave (Deborah’s husband)
friend Dean, Michael, neighbor Roman &
Fred (Susan’s husband)

Hand crafted Artisanal ciders from the
Finger Lake Region of NY

doing the:
sit down & get up with out using your hands game.

Not so easy, try it……

Halloween Socks

Welcome home gift for Denise from the
Great Pumpkin……

If it SCARES you,
it might be a good thing to try.

~Seth Godin

“Choose to be kind over being right
and you’ll be right every time.”

~ Richard Carlson

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