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Wednesday 10/29/14 gym, stickers, Dr Seuss cards, Fleetwood Mac Concert

November 1, 2014

Wednesday 10/29/14

Boot Camp today!

sister Pat bought me a BOOK of Stickers!!
woo-hoo! Lucky Me!

Pat also bought me some new note cards,
you know how I love to send notes!

Pre-Fleetwood Mac concert at the Steak place
with friend Brian’s girlfriend Myra

made a new friend too: Christine from South Jersey

Stub Hub Photo booth: FREE!!

Me, Brian & Myra

Sold out concert

these guys were SQUISHED!

our seats were way up there but it was fine.
We had no one behind us, we were the last row.

Great Concert!

Go Your Own Way

Happiness cannot be traveled to,
owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living
every minute with love, grace and gratitude.
~Denis Waitley

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