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Sunday November 2nd 2014 Breakfast at ray & Ro’s, Monkey, Ivyland

November 3, 2014

Sunday November 2nd 2014

breakfast today with brother Raymond
& his wife Rosemary

Raymond made me this cool MONKEY necklace.
Do you need one???

and here’s a Devil necklace.
Cool, right??

their neighbor’s dog Archie was over for a visit

breakfast of bagels & “feesh” plus a frittata

Rosemary’s mom balancing (not stacking)
a coffee mug on her nose

We were discussing ROCK BALANCING & how it is
different from rock stacking.

LOOK: My rock is BALANCED, not stacked.

Basenji at rest

Basenji Bat Ears

brother Ray checking out my Creativity Workshop manual

I made a crock pot roast beef, it’s easy!

Here’s the recipe

you’re welcome

Quiet Ivyland night…

author Henry James said:
“Three things in human life are important:
The first is to be kind.
The second is to be kind.
And the third is to be kind.”

What if today you gave yourself permission to be outrageously kind?
What if you extended as much good will and kindness as you can possibly muster
to every person you meet?
And what if you did it
with no thought of reward?
I’m sure of one thing:
it will be a day you will never regret.

~Steve Goodier

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