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11/15/14 gym, Rocky Race, Weasel, Food Drive, The Vault

November 16, 2014


Friends Marybeth, Mary & me at Boot Camp.
We did 210 push ups today. woo hoo!
still smiling….

friend Renee did the ROCKY RACE in the city
and she had the pleasure of seeing THIS!

What the……??!!??

Way to Go Renee, good job!

Weasel picking out her birthday treat at PetSmart.
They sent her a coupon to get a treat of her choice.

my first Adventure to ALDI grocery store.
Have you ever been??

I was getting my STUFF a BAG items for
the Food Drive

Lots of donations are coming in.

Georgia with the donations.

It’s not too late to help if you want.
Food or money donations are welcome!

evening out at the VAULT.
It was a Bank & now it is a Brewery.

PACKED on a Saturday night

friends Kim & Dan & their friends Brad & Laura

We had entertainment too!

me & Michael the keyboard player

Sax player is Kwame

tasty Arugula mushroom pizza

Life’s demands may not slow up any time soon,
and learning life balance is an ongoing art.
If you think one day you will get it all done,
and then you can relax,
you are bound to be disappointed.
~ Christina Winsey-Rudd

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