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Saturday 11/22/14 Volleyball, cigar fairy, house # sculpture

November 23, 2014

Saturday 11/22/14

today started HERE at the Greater Plymouth Meeting
Community Center. It’s a big facility with many amenities.

THIS is NOT one of the Amenities they offer.

I was here to play volleyball.
We usually play from around 8 a.m.-noon

In this picture I was “not Pete”.

One time our friend Pete lost all the games
he played that day. I lost the first two
matches but FINALLY won one…..
hence, NOT a PETE!

selfie with the sun messing with our picture

today’s volleyballers

Andy, Doug, Kathy, Mike, Matt

played the Cigar Fairy today & secretly
left cigars for a few friends.

it got good reviews.
hoping my friends enjoy their surprise!


House number Sculpture that brother Raymond created for
my friends when they bought their house years ago.

Do YOU need a custom made hose number??
if so, let me know!!

They are great to give as gifts!!!

a gift sister Pat gave me …..

my friends dog

Life IS better when you’re laughing….


“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find


~ it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention

and practicing gratitude.”

~Brene Brown

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