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Tuesday 11/25/14 center city, Weasel, Varalli, diMajo wine. PourHouse, Elena

November 27, 2014

Tuesday 11/25/14

as seen in Center City today next to my office.
A photo shoot…. apparently!

Weasel “helping” Michael in his “office”
(Danny’s old room)

SQUIRREL in the neighborhood!!

Neighbor Deb saw this guy on her tray feeder.
We never really had squirrels until this year.

appointment at Varalli’s today in Center City.

We did a liqueur tasting.

He’s getting the Nardini Amaro & Nardini Tagliatella

#74 of the Wine Spectator is my wine.

diMajo Norante Ramitello from Molise, Italy

It is currently a Chairman’s Special in liquor stores.
@ only $11.99

Stock up!!! This wine is GOOD & will last at
least another 5 years.

You can also get this wine at Cafe Michelangelo
in Northeast Philly.

You can also get this wine at Cafe Michelangelo:

diMajo Norante Sangiovese

Michael found a WHOLE CASE of
Stone Enjoy by 12.26.14

Lucky Us!!!

$5 Cheesesteaks at the Pour House tonight.

1/2 for me & 1/2 for Weasel. Lucky Dog.

ran into neighbor Elena at the Pour House!

Just finished reading GONE GIRL
Have you read it??
I liked it for the most part but was not
a fan of the ending.

Anyone want to see the movie with me??


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act,
but a habit. ”


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    I heard the ending of the movie is different that the ending of the book. Thanks for a great day. Enjoy tomorrow at Longwood Gardens. Mom  

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