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11/27/14 snow dogs, gym, Thanksgiving !!! deb’s house

November 28, 2014

11/27/14 Thanksgiving !!!


Chester snow dog

Weasel Snow Dog

Seamus snow dog!

neighbor Marybeth & me burning off the calories
before we eat them!

We had two birthdays in gym class today

someone is getting a package from ME!

Will it be YOU??

We had a small Thanksgiving today.
Cousin Rose Mary, me & sister Pat.

Michael & his mom too!

a nice wine discovery at neighbor Deb’s house.
Erna Schein is one of my most favorite winemakers.
And Petite Sirah is one of my favorite varietals.

this is a REALLY GOOD wine!

We had a little problem with the cork….
was still delicious!

my new best friend: this
ornery Chihuahua

what is it with little dogs & their ‘tude?

friends Adam & Deb & Me (an “usie”)

Happiness is what you feel when you realize the
blessings you have…..


“If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier.”

~John R. Wooden

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